2015 General Class rooms

We were asked to renovate six existing class rooms over the summer break and turn them into State of the Art Bio Labs, Computer labs and two General class rooms.

To achieve this task there was a huge amount OF MEP’S that went into this project. The majority of the plumbing, Gas and electrical lines had to be buried under the existing concrete by means of saw cutting the existing slab.

2015 Bio Computer Labs

All of the new labs and class rooms received a compact slip system Air condition system that is individual controlled along with Lab Tables which can be controlled via remote to the desired height.

The flooring was vinyl sheets with welded seams and turned up onto the surrounding walls created a base around the room creating a sterile environment.

All or the oak casework was custom made as specified with resin tops to meet the need of the daily studies.

This was a fun project and was completed in the allotted time not to mention the school was very happy with the quality and the function of the new class rooms.

Information Commons

This was a new Information Commons for the School. We added a new second floor and mezzanine renovation totaling 5,600 Sq. Ft. It included new construction of the mezzanine and complete interior fit out.

Features included custom stainless steel and glass handrails, glazed partitions, custom millwork, carpeting, HVAC, and electrical. All this work mentioned above was completed without disturbing the School’s daily activities. We designed and built access to the second floor up and around the Main Entrance. We removed large sections of windows and formed a stair case made of scaffold and steel, that put us right into the work space.

New Addition

The school commissioned us to build a three story 10,000 Sq. Ft. addition to their building. This was needed to allow for the expansion of four new student classrooms and two new art studios with a new glass atrium focal point that allows for the studios to meet as one space or can be separated by a new folding partition system.

Fitness Center

While this addition was being built we also had to demolish old classrooms and storage to allow for a new sports fitness center. The space was designed with new glazed block and a fire rated glass partition system on the corridor walls to allow for more light to be brought into the space and to allow views of the fitness center by passerby’s.  All new MEP work was installed along with a new rubber flooring system that included a laser cut emblem of the schools logo.

New Chapel

This was a combined 4,500 Sq. Ft. renovation on two separate floors. Both the chapel and TV studio renovation included extensive corridor entrance work with decorative plaster, marble and fire-lite storefront assemblies. Both spaces required a complete overhaul of the mechanical and electrical systems.

The Chapel finished included sound panels and cathedral wood ceilings and an entire custom stained glass window panel to enhance the chapel.

TV Studio

The TV studio had to include a sound/control booth and a stage area to allow for the TV studio to produce their own media shows. The studio also received a new roof top HVAC system.